Five Tips For Ordering Wine When You Dine Out

We’ve all had that dinner where you go out with someone who is truly a wine snob.  Or so they think so.   There are few movie scenes better than watching Paul Giamatti in the movie Sideways as he sits alone in a fast food restaurant drinking his prized 1961 Chateau Cheval Blanc from a disposable coffee cup while he aggressively cuts away at his steak.   Going out to a fancy restaurant can be very intimidating when they wine list is present to you on your lap.   However, you shouldn’t get overly nervous because here are five smart money moves for ordering wine when you dine out. Avoid Ordering By The Glass– Restaurant owners generally try to make back the cost of a bottle of wine from the price of just one glass.  What sucks for you as well is that it’s likely the wine was opened already possibly even from the day before.   The bottom line is that you’ll get ...

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It’s Saturday Night And There Is No Recession

My wife and I decided we would go out for dinner this past Saturday night.   She’s always telling me that you’ve got to make a reservation on Saturday night because things get busy and we’ll have to wait for an hour without one.   Since there are so many restaurants to eat at in Atlanta, I usually brush her off thinking that surely there will be some good restaurant that I can walk into on a Saturday night.   We are going through challenging economic times right now, correct?    So it would make sense that I could step out on a Saturday night and grab myself a table at just about any restaurant?   Wrong . . . Just flat out wrong. I live in a large suburb of Atlanta and not too far from Roswell where the downtown area continues to build up on Canton Street with small pubs and restaurants.    We headed down around 8:00 to a small restaurant that serves ...

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What Your Restaurant Menu Won’t Tell You

Think twice as you read your next menu.  Unbeknownst to you, the menu just might be designed to get you to spend more money through some pretty clever strategies.  Also, you should keep in mind that there may be extra incentives for your server for lunch or dinner that day. Staggered Prices – Prices are generally shows right after the dish, and not in a column all neatly labeled on the right hand sign.  In addition, you will often find the cheaper dishes on the left hand side of the menu and the more expensive ones on the right hand side of the menu.   All of this is in part designed to make it difficult to quickly compare dishes and prices. Bold Type – On almost every menu, you will several items in BOLD FACE type.   This is intentionally done as bold type will draw your eye much quicker to it than the dishes that are not in bold type.  ...

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