Should You Take A Low Ball Salary Offer?

In basic economics, we all learned about the law of supply and demand.  We have seen how powerful this can be over the past several years in the real estate market as supply in many cities has grown, and demand has dwindled.  Consequently, you may be seeing some of the greatest real estate deals we have seen in decades around the country. The same may be true about the labor market. With unemployment still higher than normal and a limited number of better paying jobs, one of the questions we often hear is should I accept a job offer for a lower salary? This can be an extremely challenging question to answer, and why you need to think about your household like a business when it comes to your finances.  Since most people tend to make very emotional choices around their personal finances, having a Private CFO® by your side could make all the difference in making the best choice ...

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Major Tax Change To Life Insurance And Annuities

As people in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, consider their overall retirement plan, a recent tax change may affect the way they think about their retirement strategy.   It may also affect other decisions about managing the risk of needed long term care down the road.   This is one change for the positive that you absolutely will want to pay attention to for your retirement, risk management, and overall financial plan. According to Jessie Stone of the American Association Of Long Term Care, the approved changes to the Pension Protection Act included some key provisions that took effect January 1, 2010. The changes provide significant enhancements to nonqualified annuities that are coupled with tax-qualified long-term care riders. Starting with the New Year, benefits paid out of these plans are received income tax-free when used for long term care. This is unprecedented, and is expected to make long-term care planning highly attractive for an increased number of individuals. Prior to the new ...

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