Entrepreneur Series – Lesson 4 – Avoid Rookie Mistakes

I am not a professional athlete.  However, I would imagine that the rookie year on any of the professional sports circuits has to be daunting in nature.   Not only are you in front of some type of large crowd, it takes some time getting used  to all of the decisions you have to make to be the best of the best in what you do for a living.   Far too often, new entrepreneurs can make first year decisions which can put a major dent in the first year of your new entrepreneurial venture.  Even someone who has a lot of corporate experience cannot understand the firefight of being a business owner until you have to meet your first payroll.One great idea my business partner and I have put into place in our business is the 48 hour rule.   We’ve set criteria around what a ‘key’ decision is for our business and once we have made a decision on the direction ...

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Feeling Confused About Investing? It’s fight or flight

One of the worst feelings you could possibly have as a consumer is that notion of being confused about where you're going to invest your money, what type of insurance you're going to buy, or just making a major purchase to your house. It seems the more information you get, the more confused you can become about what is the right decision. Most people say a confused mind says no. ...

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