Would You Spend Less Than $100 On An Engagement Ring?

Buying an engagement ring can be an emotionally draining purchase. For most people, it’s more than jewelry: It’s a symbol of love and affection and of the serious commitment they want to make to a lifelong partner.  For years, it’s been bandied that the diamond industry spearheaded this notion that you have to spend 3 months of your salary on an engagement ring.  As we have witnessed millennials and now generation Z changing the way we do many things in their lives, are they going to change what we spend on engagement rings?  How much is love worth? In a recent study that was one, here is what late-stage millennials and generation Z had to say about engagement rings:  Engagement rings should cost… Less than $100: 11 percent of Gen Z and 8 percent of young Millennials  Between $100 and $999: 43 percent of Gen Z and 31 percent of young Millennials  $1,000 to $2,499: 28 percent of Gen Z ...

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Advice From A Jeweler On Buying The Engagement Ring

Congratulations on your decision to formalize your relationship. Studies show that married people are happier and live longer, so you’re on the right track. First, allow yourself enough time to think through and understand all the new information that you will be involved with in your search for the perfect diamond ring. One of your first decisions will be to decide whether to surprise her with a ring or shop together. That will depend on your relationship. There are advantages and disadvantages in each case. A good middle ground and one that will keep you in budget is to let her pick out the engagement ring mounting and you come back to select the diamond. The most important thing is to make the occasion a romantic one to remember. There are many factors to consider: the shape of the diamond, the size versus quality of the diamond, deciding on white gold or platinum or yellow gold or a combination of ...

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