Should you buy a ‘combined’ insurance policy?

As technology changes, we are always looking for the latest and best upgrades so we are on the cutting edge.  Just like the technology sector,  the world of insurance policy design and implementation is constantly changing.  One of the most recent designs to hit the market is buying something called a combined insurance policy.    This kind of insurance policy is typically a cash value type life insurance policy combined with a long-term care rider.    Is this a good idea to combine both into one policy, or should you be looking at two separate policies to cover these risk management needs within your financial plan? Families have always bought life insurance (term or permanent insurance) over the years to cover for the short and long term needs in the event of a premature death of one of the partners our spouses in a family unit.  The amount of insurance a family needs has been long debated, but it’s best to use ...

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How Can A Business Owner Save Money?

Through the creation of a captive insurance company, businesses can cut their taxes and increase the value of their estate. A business creates a captive insurance company to insure its risk; the captive can issue property and casualty insurance. It can also collect and invest premiums, as well as pay claims. To be sure, the business can also use the captive for pretax wealth accumulation, to protect assets, for efficient estate planning and to retain key employees. The business determines the policy terms, whether to write new or renewable policies and the types of insurance coverage to write. The strategy works best for companies that generate at least $1 million in annual net income, making it viable for physician groups, associations, franchisees and other businesses. For instance, Stan and Joan Smart, 60 and 55, respectively, own ABC manufacturing company. They seek better risk management and estate planning. After meeting with their financial adviser, Stan and Joan decide to retain an ...

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Major Tax Change To Life Insurance And Annuities

As people in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, consider their overall retirement plan, a recent tax change may affect the way they think about their retirement strategy.   It may also affect other decisions about managing the risk of needed long term care down the road.   This is one change for the positive that you absolutely will want to pay attention to for your retirement, risk management, and overall financial plan. According to Jessie Stone of the American Association Of Long Term Care, the approved changes to the Pension Protection Act included some key provisions that took effect January 1, 2010. The changes provide significant enhancements to nonqualified annuities that are coupled with tax-qualified long-term care riders. Starting with the New Year, benefits paid out of these plans are received income tax-free when used for long term care. This is unprecedented, and is expected to make long-term care planning highly attractive for an increased number of individuals. Prior to the new ...

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