DISASTER IN JAPAN: Why You Need An On Line Safety Deposit Box

With the recent disaster in Japan and our experience in the United States with Hurricane Katrina just a few short years ago, it made me think about what kind of smart money moves you should make around protecting your documents.  If a Tsunami or some natural disaster wiped out your house today, what would you do if you lost all of your important financial papers? Or what might you do if you were in another state or country at the time of this disaster? Maybe it is time to consider having an electronic safety deposit box. An electronic safety deposit box works like a physical one in many ways.  The main purpose is to organize documents that are important in your life into a safe place in case anything happens.  You can store wills, tax returns, deeds, insurance policies, passports, copies of credit cards, pictures of your valuable belongings, and much more. This type of safety deposit box is web ...

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What to Do When You’re Robbed on Vacation

Heather Godsey was 600 miles from home when her wallet was stolen in a restroom. Godsey, from Joliet, Illinois, usually travels with half her cash and one or two credit cards at her hotel—but not on this trip. “I broke my rule at the wrong time,” she says. At least she had some rules. To prepare against an unimaginable hassle, you can take precautions before, during, and after your travels. Want more travel tips? Check out these stories. • 12 Sneaky, Slimy Travel Scams • Staying in Touch, Wirelessly (International Rates Don’t Apply) • 4 Ways to Make Calls from Overseas on a Dime Before You Go Plan on traveling light—on the finances. Keep just three or four things in your wallet: cash and traveler’s checks, a driver’s license, an American Express card and another credit card, says Ted Jenkin, co-CEO/founder of Georgia-based financial-services company oXYGen Financial. Julie Sturgeon, owner of Indiana travel agency Curing Cold Feet, suggests photocopying your ...

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Problem – or a PROBLEM!

As I sit this weekend and read more about the oil spill in the Gulf, it becomes more and more apparent to me they really don’t have a solution other than drilling a relief well.  All the other pomp and circumstance they are doing right now is for our benefit so at least we will feel like something is getting done.  With advances in today’s technology, how could we get to this point?  Surely there was a contingency plan, right? Most of us would be just as guilty for lack of preparation in our personal lives.  Who has time to stop and assess?  Unfortunately however, what starts out as a small problem can quickly turn to a PROBLEM!  All of us have heard a story from a neighbor family member or friend, someone loses their job, they have medical issues, bad luck, whatever! When you are done reading this take 5 minutes and ask yourself the following questions: When was ...

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