Should You Discuss Salaries With Your Co-Workers?

As technology is sweeping the way we live our lives, millennials are also potentially creating a new trend… openly discussing salaries in the workplace.  Once considered a taboo subject, millennials don’t turn a cheek to sharing how much money they make, yet they are incredibly shy about talking about sex in general. In a recent study done by www.bankrate.com, Americans between the ages of 18 to 37 are more likely than gen x’ers and baby boomers to share their salary information with others, especially co-workers, according to the study.  The study showed that 33% of all millennials share their salary information with others at the workplace, which is twice what baby boomers are willing to do with their salary information. In Pamplona, they have the running of the bulls.  In Helsinki, they observe something called “National Jealousy Day” where every single Finnish citizen’s taxable income is made public at 8 a.m. for all to view in plain sight.  A few ...

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