Five Apps That Will Pay You To Shop

Shopping is usually an activity that makes you spend money.   In fact, with the ease of debit cards and credit cards today you can rack up big bills by simply turning your computer on to one of the major shopping websites.  So, I thought going into the summer it might be interesting to see what apps you could download that might actually pay YOU money to shop. Ibotta (www.ibotta.com) – Did you ever thing you could get paid to scan receipts from your phone?    Before you go shopping, you complete a few simple tasks and then you begin to unlock rewards.  With over 187 participating stores (and you can link loyalty accounts as well) it makes it very easy to make money with Ibotta.  Really, you end up just scanning bar codes and then taking pictures of your receipts. Swagbucks (www.swagbucks.com) – With over $132,470,000 of gift cards that have been awarded to users, Swagbucks is an app that will ...

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Three Reasons Why Software Sales Guys Go Broke in Buckhead

Just closed a big deal, didn’t you?   Now you are the big man on campus as you swiftly exit Johnny’s Hideaway and slide down to Landmark Diner for a 3 a.m. burger.  You pop a ride home with Uber so you don’t bang up the finely tuned up Porsche you just bought, and then it’s on to five days at a four star hotel in Cost Rica.  While it seems like your leading the life of Riley, your ATM statement says otherwise leaving you scratching your head on where all of your cash is going.  So why do software sales guys go broke in Buckhead?  Here are three insights from the Tech Financial Advisor. Bar bills, fancy restaurants & night clubs: We’ve all been there when someone pulls out their credit card and buys a round of drinks for the whole group.  What do you have to show when you wake up the next morning with a $300 bar tab?  ...

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5 Ways To Save Money At Department Stores

Gasp! Gasp! There’s nothing worse than having a white coated clinician spray some newly branded perfume on to a card and waft in your face as you gently stroll through the front doors of the department store.   You can get lost in a department store.   Some of them have three or four floors or if you take a trip over the pond to London take an afternoon to enjoy the ultimate department store in Harrod’s.   We shop at different department stores for different reasons, but here are five smart money moves tips for you if you choose to spend an afternoon trolling through racks of clothes and up and down escalators looking for a bargain. Start At The Clearance Racks– The upscale department stores are chock full of great merchandise.  Unfortunately for you, they don’t put it in the front of the store when you start shopping.  Work your way to the back of the store or to a particular ...

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