Are those Phones Calls a Scam?

For years I’ve been telling my clients that those phone calls from the IRS are scams.  The IRS does not call people.  And you should never give out your information over the phone. Well now the scammers have moved to Social Security.  There is an increase in scam calls, claiming they are from the Social Security Administration.  They sound official making claims that due to fraudulent activity your Social Security number is being suspended.  What they are trying to do, is get you to let your guard down, so you will give them some of your personal information. Let me be really clear.  Your Social Security number is NEVER suspended.  This is not something the administration does, and they will never make phone calls to people.  Most of the time communications come from official postal mail. But you may have gotten an email from the administration and that is probably real.  If you have gone to SSA.gov and created a ...

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How To Avoid A Charity Donation Scam During The Holidays

After a New Jersey couple recently launched a fundraiser for a homeless man last year, donations poured in as hearts were ripped out about this tear jerking story. We see charitable causes all the time that pull the purse strings of our wallet, especially during the holidays. The story of the homeless man and the $400,000 GoFundMe money unraveled in the past few weeks and we learned about the money that completely disappeared. Everyone behind the GoFundMe campaign were playing America, but inevitably they were outed. As we approach the season to be jolly, here are some tips on how not to get scammed when giving to charity. 1) Start With The IRS- Yes, the IRS. The IRS website has a Tax Exempt Organization Search you can use to see if the charity is in fact a legitimate organization. Remember, you want to be asking two very important questions. One, is the organization you are giving to a tax-exempt organization ...

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