How Much Money Did My S Corporation Make

When business owners set up an S Corporation and creates a business entity, it is usually an accountant or bookkeeper (or both) that crank out the profit and loss statements for an S Corporation owner.   What can be confusing at the end of the year, because an S Corporation owner has multiple methods to receive cash through the business, is to actually figure out what you made in the business.   Taxes in many cases can be even more confusing to the S Corporation business owner.   Here’s a ‘your smart money moves’ breakdown to figure out just how much you made in your business. Salary- When you own an S Corporation, the IRS has salary guidelines on how much you should be paying yourself.  The IRS has created an outline of what’s called “reasonable compensation” that should be paid to the owner.    There are a myriad number of factors including industry averages, number of hours worked, and what is being paid ...

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How Much Should I Set Aside For Estimated Taxes?

This is your first year in business and it has just dawned on you that there is nothing coming out of your paycheck.     You know that you have got to pay taxes somewhere along the way, but you have been spending the paychecks like 100% of it is net income to you.    This frequently happens to people the first year that they get in business as it can be very confusing on how to estimate your income taxes so you don’t run into hot water come tax time.  I’m often asked by small business owners and individual 1099 earners about the best way to plan for estimated taxes, so here are some tips that should help you manage this in the best way possible. As a business owner, you have a litany of options on how to set up your business.   You can choose to stay as a sole proprietor, set up an LLC, set up an S-Corporation, or choose ...

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