Does Your Business Need A Buy-Sell Agreement?

One of the questions I will ask a business owner in my interview process is “Do you have a business will?”  By this line of questioning, I am simply asking what happens to the business if you die.   Some businesses have one or multiple partners and others businesses are owned by a single individual.   Far too often, most owners after they have built a successful business don’t take the time to flesh through the details of what will happen with the business in the event of death, disability, retirement, etc. One of the most important discussions for any owner is how to install a buy-sell agreement.    The buy-sell agreement is typically between partners or co-owners, although it could work with an outside third party if there aren’t other owners in the business. Think about this almost as a premarital agreement between two parties about the value of the business and what will get paid out to the other owners family ...

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