How To Save Money On Shoes

Many women (and now men) have a decent shoe collection in their closet. As parents, we know that after spending lots of money on clothes for our kids, shoes can come in a close second for the family budget. Between growth spurts, general wear and tear, and special events, kids can change shoes faster than Vin Diesel drives in Fast 6! One of the smart money move habits we can all get into this year is thinking about using different strategies to reduce our shoe costs. Here are five of my tips on how to keep light on your feet while keeping your cash in the wallet. 1)   Buy Out Of Season– With most items we buy in life, buying during the peak season is primarily when you will pay the highest dollar amount for anything especially shoes. Most parents will begin the process of stocking up on school supplies and running their children over to the shoe store to ...

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VIDEO | How Smaller Can Save You Money

Published on Jul 30, 2012 Remember the grocery store owner who was able to set up a tab for a family that lived around the corner and the shoe store owner who knew the names of kids of the parents who shopped at that store. I had a local convenience store right down the street when I grew up called Quik Check and everybody loved it. I know many people think the Wal-Mart’s of the world save us money every day. These large stores may have better prices on one item here and there, but all of us end up spending more money as we wander the aisles aimlessly forgetting our purpose on why we actually came to the store. The older local smaller stores got us what we needed and it was convenient or right down the street when we needed it. Someone cared about us then, where the big stores today only care about deepening their wallet share with ...

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When Smaller Saved Us Money

I live in Atlanta, so I do my very best to try to see all of the tourist attractions within my hometown city. Some people call them staycations, but there are really many day trips you can take to enjoy local attractions — especially if you live in a major metropolitan area. My wife and I happened to go to the High Museum to check out one of the special venues in the city of Atlanta. The pieces within the museum are a wonderful juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary art. We went specifically because there was an exhibition contrasting photographs of New York City and different parts of the South, including New Orleans. When we were browsing through the different photographs of people and places, there was one photo of an entire block of stores in New York City in the 1960s. What was so amazing is that amongst the dozen or so stores in the photograph, not one of ...

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