Four Financial Moves For Government Workers During The Shutdown

Tesla came out with a big announcement the other week that they were laying off 7% of their workforce.  We never really know when our company is going to do that reorganization, deliver some pink slips, or dust off a set of severance packages to get some people out early from the company.  We can’t always predict when these things are going to happen, but we can certainly prepare by having a financial plan in place. Do you know how much you have in emergency reserves? How much monthly income would you need to survive if you didn’t have a paycheck for 3 months? What is saved up in all of your retirement plans? What are all of the benefits you have access to currently at work? These are just a few of the questions you should be asking now in the event that something happens to your job and it’s no longer there to pay the bills.  With the ...

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