10 Small Business Owner Mistakes

At oXYGen Financial, we have interviewed many of the top entrepreneurs and CEO’s in small and medium sized business in and around the Atlanta Metro area.   From all of our radio show interviews, which you can see in their entirety at www.40yobv.com, we have some great insight into the mistakes you should try to avoid if you want your business to run and grow successfully. Don Rountree – President of Rountree Group Communications Find New Revenue Sources – What generates revenue for your company now may not make your business any money in 25, perhaps even 10 years down the road. Diversifying how your company creates revenue is a critical strategy business owners often overlook. A change in industry regulations or unexpected economic variables can absolutely destroy a company that solely relies on one source of income. Marc Borrelli – Corporate Finance Associates No Side-Businesses – Stay focused on what you are doing. It is incredibly easy to get sidetracked ...

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