Five Insurance Policies Every Small Business Owner Needs

This is the weekend you finally decided it’s time to start your own business.    You’ve had enough of the corporate rat race and now you want to take matters into your own hands.   After you determine whether you want to set up as a sole proprietor, LLC, S-Corporation, or C-Corporation, there will be a litany of items to strike off the checklist to make sure the business is up and running.   One of the key areas that most small business owners ignore is getting the right type of insurance policies set up as they initiate their new businesses.   Even as the business gets established, business owners often ignore getting the right type of protection in place to insulate their business in case of unforeseen circumstances.   Here are five insurance policies every small business owner needs. Disability Insurance– The challenge that most new business owners don’t understand is that if you show no verifiable income, you’ll have no chance of getting ...

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Six Financial Moves To Make When You Lose A Spouse

Almost 25 years ago, my father passed away.   My mother was a 5th grade school teacher and we had one of those households where dad predominantly took care of the finances even though both of my parent’s held down full time jobs.   When my father died, it not only left my mother in a complete state of shock, but she also had no roadmap provided to her on what steps to take to get the financial house in order.   In many households, one spouse usually controls and manages 80% or more of the family finances.   Should you have a spouse pass away, here are six financial moves to make that can help you during this difficult transition. Handle Funeral Expenses– Funerals can end up becoming a very expensive proposition. Did you make arrangements and prepay burial expenses?  Were their specific instructions around burial in the will?  It’s important that those who are helping you with final and funeral expenses understand ...

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