The New Rule: Field Goal Bill Paying

Nobody likes paying bills.   Not longer than a few years ago, most people met the end of the month with the dreaded feeling of writing out checks and licking the back of envelopes—UGH!.   Over the past five years, many people in the United States have transitioned their bills from the check stuffing days to now merely having to fill in an amount and simply point and click.   With some providers sending you an e-bill alert now, you may not even have to remember when to pay the bill. I’ve learned over the past couple of years that the next generation of bill payers (your Generation X and Generation Y crowd) uses something that I like to call the Field Goal Rule when it comes to deciding whether or not to click the ‘pay now’ button.   Here’s how the rule works.   When a particular bill comes such as cable television, cell phone, or local water bill comes, a bill payer has ...

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I Like My Wallet

Google announced Thursday of last week that they wanted their Google powered cell phone to be your new wallet.  They essentially announced that a new payment system will link your smartphone to your credit card or a reloadable prepaid credit card.  The new product is called Google Wallet, and it lets a shopper pay for purchases and access promotional offers right on his or her personal smartphone.   This type of technology is widely used in Asia and several other countries. (www.ajc.com) STOP!  Stop right there in your tracks!   I am here for the record to say that I truly like my Wallet.  Now, I don’t quite carry a George Constanza wallet on me, but there is a magical moment that happens when you get to take out your wallet, peek inside to see all of your cards and money, and then prominently display your payment method to the merchant of your choice.    As I mentioned in one of my recent ...

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Should You Rent A House On Vacation?

When I pick up one of those travel and getaway magazines in the bookstore, I always feel like there is a resort I should be taking my family to for a vacation.  They show the pictures of the lavish pools, the incredible scenery, and the four start restaurants at the resort. Over the years, our family (me, my wife, and our three kids) have been to some incredible destinations.  When the kids were young, getting everybody comfortably into a hotel room was a piece a cake. As the kids have gotten older, staying in one hotel room for all five of us has become something of a nightmare. I noticed over time that no matter what city or location we went to as a family that my kids simply loved hanging out at the pool. We always tried to do the tourist thing which the kids certainly had fun, but they always seemed to have fun just spending time splashing ...

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