Five Smart Money Moves To Make In 2015

Can anyone remember Y2K just like me and thinking I can’t believe it is the year 2000?  Well, before the blink of an eye we are now at 2015 and another new year to take stock of where you are financially and what moves you should make this year to improve your bottom line.   Since there are so many financial items to watch as the CEO of your family finances, here are my five items to put on your financial list as moves to consider in 2015. Shop Your Bills– January is one of the best months to get on the phone and shop each and every one of your bills.  One of the quickest ways to free up more disposable income to pay off debt or increase your savings is to gain back more cash flow in your family profit and loss statement.  Remember, companies like to know that they have booked their recurring business for the year in ...

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