Potluck Dinner: What Should Your Dish Cost You?

My wife and I were recently invited to a potluck dinner/appetizers at our neighbors house.    Some people love the idea of going to a friend’s house and trying dishes made by all of the different guests.   Others are horrified to go to these events wondering what exactly the green stuff is in the white casserole dish.    The dessert table always seems safe with cookies, tarts, and assortments of different pies.    I’m always worried when I get invited to these shindigs what exactly I should bring to the party.   Should I be bringing food and a bottle of wine?  Does it have to be a homemade dish or is it appropriate to go to the local bakery?     So, how much should you spend when you get invited to a potluck dinner?  So, here are a few Ted rules after giving this a bunch of thought (and sleeping off whatever lemonade cocktail was in that pitcher at the bar). Make sure whatever ...

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