Five Money Lessons You Must Teach Your Children

Whether you are a helicopter parent or you have more of a hands off approach, the lessons you teach your children in the early years of their life will have long lasting impacts down the road.  While school, sports, relationships, and more are often a priority in what we teach our children, often money is a subject not discussed between parents and their kids.  Here are five money lessons every parent should teach their children. Credit Cards Are Not A Magic Trick- With the advent of smart applications like Apple Pay and most parents carrying a wallet full of credit cards, less and less do we demonstrate for our children what it is like to pay in cash.   When the kids see all of the dinner bills, shopping, etc. being paid with credit, they may not fully grasp how money actually pays for those items.  You should try from time to time to do a grocery shopping or a trip ...

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Six Ways To Not “StubHub” Your Toe On Sporting Tickets

I happened to be out in St. Louis last Friday night when game six took place between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals.   When I realized that the game would take place as the same time my travels had me in town, I decided to go on to StubHub to see what the prices looked like to get a ticket.   It seems as if concerts and sporting events go live in today’s world, you can’t even get a ticket direct anymore.  The ticket brokers are the only place you can actually buy a ticket unless you want to scalp the good old fashioned way.  When the prices came up minimally at $100 a ticket for ‘standing room only’ and went as high as $2,700 for front row type seats, all of a sudden the local bar at Gio’s didn’t seem to be such a bad idea.   So, how can you save money when shopping for sporting tickets?  ...

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