Are Your Student Loans Making You Lose Sleep At Night?

While taking graduate school classes my own personal student loan debt piled up like a house of cards, and I can assure you this debt made me feel like one gust of wind was going to blow my stack of cards down to the ground.  Every month a  special little bill from your creditor comes in the mail, and every month it seems like a nightmare trying to figure just how you will pay down those debts on time so that your credit isn’t affected poorly. There is no simple answer to such a question in today’s economy. Many new undergraduates are having extreme difficulty finding work, let alone in the field they majored in at college. So the question remains, how do you service this seemingly never ending hunk of debt? Hopefully, as a graduate you have found some sort of job. If fact, at this point you might take any job which may help you to make those ...

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Will Generation Y Live The American Dream Of Buying A New Home?

Since the real estate meltdown happened in the 2007/2008 time frame, many families across America have seen their home prices plummet far from the original purchase price they paid, even with home improvements.  Others that bought properties in the mid to late 90’s saw a spectacular run of home price growth only to see many of those gains wiped away over the past four years.   With much of the home ownership across America dispersed between the baby boomers and generation X, there is a looming question around whether Generation Y will even want to own a home in the future.    Is this actually still an American Dream or merely something that has turned into a Nightmare On Elm Street?   Here are three reasons why Generation Y may not be a major purchaser of new homes over the next decade despite the incredibly low mortgage interest rates we are seeing today.  Heavy Student Debt – Many people in the 20’s are ...

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