How Much Will It Cost When Your Son Or Daughter Starts Driving?

It’s hard to imagine for most parents that their son or daughter will be ready to get their driver’s license someday.    In fact, I think this ritual is a little bit like the birthing process.   Nature in part prepares you for very little sleep when the baby is born by making it very difficult to sleep in that last trimester.    As much as your stomach will go through the spin cycle the first time your son or daughter leaves the driveway all by themselves, there is also an overwhelming sense of relief for you to remove the chauffeur cap that you have rightly earned the years preceding your son or daughter getting their driver’s license.    While most families prepare for the magical day when their children get their rite of passage to begin driving, they often don’t consider the extra costs that may hit their family budget.   How much will it cost when my child starts driving? Learners Permit- This ...

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How To Lower Your 2011 Income Taxes

The color of the trees  are changing during the beautiful fall season, and that also means it’s time to begin thinking about strategies for minimizing your 2011 income taxes before the year has come to a completion.    Remember, that when it comes to lowering income taxes, you generally have to large rock strategies.   Above the line deductions are tax deductions that reduce the amount that will end up on the taxable income line to determine how much tax you should have paid for 2011.   Below the line deductions, which mainly have to deal with tax credits that will offset the tax you owe dollar for dollar in most cases.     It is important to note that there are many strategies to keep your income taxes down, but here are four you should consider before the clock strikes midnight in 2011.  Max out your contributions to your employer sponsored retirement plan –   For most of you this will be your 401(k), 403(b), ...

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