Why Are You Such A “Poor” Millionaire

As I continue to help more and more people approach the end zone of making work optional (a.k.a. – retirement) it continues to shed light on just how little one million dollars seems these days.    It was once believed that the ultimate pinnacle for wealth building was to have one million liquid dollars, but with the uncertainty in the bond markets, stock markets, and real estate markets, it has baby boomers about to retire shaking in their boots about being sacked before they score a touchdown. Many people hear this notion being thrown about called the 4% percent rule.   This rule was initially laid out by a financial planner William Bengen.   He had back tested a variety of withdrawal rates using various historical rates of return and found that 4% withdrawal with the absolute highest rate that held up over a period of 30 years. So, if you are a “millionaire” with $1,000,000 of starting capital at ‘work optional’, you ...

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Roller Coaster Week

I do think the one thing that should come out of this is knowing what you make and what you spend because saving is still one of truly key elements to building wealth. To do this as the CEO of your family finances, now is the time to get with a private CFO™ to understand your balance sheet, income statement, and your bottom line. I'm pretty sure they won't do that for you on CNBC! Visit OxygenFinancial Today ...

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