Heads Or Tails On The New “Coin” Card?

It’s truly amazing about how fast a new product, app, or service can go viral through social media.  If you haven’t seen the video for new ultimate single credit, debit, and rewards card called “COIN” then you should really check it out!  Here is a link to the main website: www.onlycoin.com.  With all of our wallets looking a little bit more like a George Constanza special, Only Coin attempts to use modern day technology to take multiple cards in your wallet and shrink it down into one singular swipe card.   Will the new “COIN” card come up heads or tails with consumers? Coin has a mobile app that will allow you to add, manage, and sync the cards that you use most in your life to your Coin card.   The process of adding card information to your mobile app is supposed to be very easy according to Coin.  However, as we all know, technology is never as simple at the ...

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