What Happened To My Precious Pandora?

As I pulled up my favorite Pandora station, Red Hot Chili Peppers, I anxiously awaited the install of some cool track like Scar Tissue or Give It Away.    Instead I was greeted with a movie trailer-like 30-second ad followed by a plumbing ad followed by a ‘what’s your favorite sandwich’ Panera ad.   A song later, I got hit with another ad and then followed up by yet another.   The frustration seeped quickly through my blood as all I wanted to do was listen to a few tunes of my favorite rock band.   It dawned on me recently that new technology launched through apps or a website is really exciting when it is unencumbered by the fact that eventually it will need to make money.   Think about these examples below. FACEBOOK– Facebook is still one of the most widely used social mediums that exist today.  However, like all technology machines built for growth it inevitably needed to produce a profit.    It ...

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