Want To Get Wealthy? Try A Budget Cleanse!

There is so much discussion out there on the internet about picking stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds, and mutual funds.   It’s dizzying to sort through the thousands of articles to really ascertain whether indexing is better than active or value is better than growth.  When you think about building wealth, the discussion centers primarily around ‘asset management’, and which assets categories to own to grow your overall net worth.   However, being an expert in the X and Y generation, the next 20 years of financial planning should be much more centered about your ‘cash flow management’ rather than your ‘asset management’. Since we have moved to a society where largely all transactions move through some sort of electronic currency.  For most of you that means debit or credit cards, although we know that many forms of mobile financial technology are developing to easily allow two entities or people to transfer cash to one another.   Rarely do people write checks today ...

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