Tax advice or Investment advice- Which will be more important?

It doesn’t take a financial expert to recognize The United States Government cannot keep spending money at the current rate.  I don’t care whether you are a Republican or Democrat, we have spent ourselves into a problem and it’s time to pay the piper.  The question becomes with tax increases a foregone conclusion, which will be more important to you over the next 25 years, how well manage your assets or how well you manage your taxes. For those of you reading this that think taxes surely can’t impact me that much, consider the following – if you double a dollar per day for 20 years you will have a little over 1 million dollars.  Take the same dollar and apply a 28% tax before you double it each time and you will be left with just over $50,000.  Ouch!  Consider the following tax increase next year alone! Capital Gains tax rates will be increasing 33% Tax on Dividend income ...

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What If I Need A Cash Advance?

It is never fun being behind on paying your bills.  With more and more people living paycheck to paycheck, we often get the question, “what happens if I need money in a pinch?”   That question can spur many different responses based upon your individual financial situation, but what happens if you have to look for some sort of cash advance to hold you over until the next paycheck.   Obviously, you want to exhaust all of your options before you go for the cash advance.  We don’t recommend cashing out of retirement plans like your 401(k) as many people will when they look for cash as the taxes, penalties, and loss of compounded interest on your money could be detrimental to your long term retirement plans.  I need a Cash Advance – So, what to do? There are many companies that offer these types of programs to get a small loan between $100 and $1,500.  For example, companies like CashNetUSA are ...

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Reminiscing About The TV Dinner

With all of these reality TV shows pretty much filling up network and cable stations alike, I was wondering if they would ever bring back really good cheesy TV that I saw when I was a kid like The Love Boat and Fantasy Island.   I can remember how much I looked forward to the shows coming on TV every week as well as what was going to happen in this week’s installment of Dynasty and Dallas. All of this TV thinking got me to think about how much I don’t like the microwavable meals you can buy at the store today.   They all come in some cardboard like box and tray, and often they just don’t come out right after you microwave it up for about 3 to 5 minutes.    They look good on the package, but just don’t pack the punch when you eat them. I know what we need.   We need to bring back the good old TV ...

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