Do You Spend Too Much?

One of the trends I have noticed among family households is the notion of unconscious spending.  This can happen for both what we would consider fixed expenses (gas, electric, phone, cable), and also for discretionary expenses (dining out, vacation, household purchases). You are often very conscious about what you spend when you don’t have any money or at the stage when you have a low income. Your thought process often revolves around what your net pay is from your weekly or bi-weekly check, and wondering whether you are going to have enough money to cover the basics monthly bills.  You dream for the day when you make enough money so you can splurge to buy a few of the items you have always dreamed of having, or thinking about that vacation spot you have always wanted to visit. There becomes a point for many people that you begin to make enough money to cover your bills, and you have more ...

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Your Three Legged Stool Is Now A Pogo Stick?

It used to be that when most people talked about their retirement, the expectation was to have a three legged stool for deriving income when you actually retired. So, where is your pension coming from in retirement? Without a pension, you’ll have to hop that pogo stick of personal savings and investments to your retirement dreams. ...

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