10 Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Can Make

There are 10 Mistakes that Entrepreneurs make that can prohibit them from creating a very successful business.  By learning how to avoid these mistakes you can get your business started up quickly, draw top line revenue, and be able to create a very profitable entity for yourself.  So here are the 10 mistakes that business owners and entrepreneurs make. Mistake #1 – Undercapitalization –There are many businesses out there that simply don’t think about how they are going to growth the business from a financial point of view.   Do you have the right lines of credit?  Are you going to equity out part of the company?  Or, are you going to try to fund your growth through the cash flow each month knowing you may sacrifice your own pay?  Have I assessed the appropriate pro forma analysis to figure out my real profit and loss in the business?  Should I lease or buy equipment? Essentially, what is the best way ...

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Why Mark Cuban Will Beat You In Arm Wrestling

I have to admit it.   I am a Mark Cuban fan.   Whatever you may think about him personally he has successfully demonstrated over the years that he can make just about any new business venture successful.  From the billion dollar sale many years ago of his company broadcast.com to taking the Dallas Mavericks to an NBA title.    In addition, he gets a piece of the action for every single new entrepreneur that presents (that’s right not even ones that he buys a piece of for himself) on the popular television show Shark Tank.    He has an abrasive personality and makes no apologies for getting the very best out of himself and those that are part of his successful organizations.    Generally, I see three big mistakes new entrepreneurs make when they begin a new business venture.    Mark Cuban will beat you in an arm wrestling match because he knows how to avoid these mistakes and make just about anything he does ...

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Ted Jenkin & Kile Lewis “LIVE” with Don Turner – Managing Director of Transverse Ventures

40 Year Old Business Virgin – Business Radio Come join your hosts, Ted Jenkin and Kile Lewis; CEOs of oXYGen Financial This and EVERY Friday at 12pm as they interview local Atlanta Area CEOs to learn the do’s and don’ts of starting up, running, and growing a new business in today’s economy. TUNE IN LIVE HERE – EVERY FRIDAY Starting at Noon!!!! LISTEN ONLINE-Click Here Friday’s Guest – Don Turner – Managing Director of Transverse Ventures Don Turner Managing Director Transverse Ventures Office: 678-401-8854 www.transverseventures.com Don Turner is an experienced business executive, entrepreneur, investor, and technology innovator who has served in senior executive roles such as CEO, COO, CSO, and CTO. He currently serves as the Managing Director for Transverse Ventures, which is a globally integrated multi-service venture firm. Don has held executive leadership positions across industry verticals such as commerce, financial services/banking, healthcare/biotechnology, defense intelligence, and communications. He has provided executive leadership across functional areas such as business formation, ...

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