Daymond John Tells Me How To Swim In The Shark Tank

As featured On Miller Lite Tap The Future, enjoy this article and more with Miller Lite: http://bit.ly/1fCnjV6  Even though I run a financial services company full time and help individuals and business owners as a Private CFO® reach their goals, from time to time I get the privilege of having a press pass to speak with some of the brightest business minds in the world.   My press pass took me last week to a well known club in Midtown Atlanta to go face to face with business leaders in the Atlanta community and front and center with Shark Tank’s own Daymond John. On Tuesday, October 22nd, five teams of entrepreneurs pitched their heart out at the Miller Lite Tap the Future Live Pitch Event, but only one team was selected as the potential winner from the Southeast. Miami-based Elebev impressed Daymond John from ABC’s “Shark Tank” with their product Sfiro, transparent ice spheres that make beverages safer and more enjoyable.  Before the event, I ...

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How Does Boredom Equal Making Money?

Have you ever heard that phrase, “you should try to be brilliant at being boring?”   With all of the technological advances in computers, hundreds of channels on the cable TV, and music any way that you want it, don’t you find more people quickly getting bored at what they do?    People surf the internet looking for that funny new You Tube video, only to be quickly bored and searching for their next two minutes of laughter.    Every night, loyal Facebook members log in to check out the days events looking for a quick picture of their friends, and then shut themselves down after reading 10 or 20 posts unless something really catches their attention.    With nothing to do, Twitter in its own right is simply a way for many to just idly throw their thoughts our there if they’ve got nothing better to do.     Does all of this instant excitement make it harder for people to go to work without ...

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