Ted Jenkin discusses financial advice with the Wall Street Journal

You Must Remember This… The one sentence financial advisers wish their clients would remember… (source) Looking for financial advice you can actually remember? Something simple, pithy, but useful? We asked some financial advisers to sum up in one sentence the most important advice they could give clients to help them better manage their financial lives. Here’s what they said: TED JENKIN Co-CEO and Founder, oXYGen Financial Inc., Alpharetta, Ga. THE LINE: “You must always pay yourself first.” THE REASON: Mr. Jenkin says many people don’t realize they are the chief executive officer of their family finances. “As CEO of your family finances, you should always pay yourself first by putting 10% to 20% of your income toward your financial goals before you pay your expenses,” he says. If you can’t meet expenses after savings, it indicates you’re living beyond your means. He also recommends putting at least one-third of every pay raise into savings. “If you follow the ‘pay yourself ...

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