When Your Budget Says Wait

A couple of years ago, my wonderfully talented sister-in-law published a book called ‘When God Says Wait’.  A great read that grapples with life challenges, faith and the patience that is needed with so many things in our own stories. It got me thinking about how needing patience permeates many parts of our financial life.  We have to give time for our retirement assets to grow.  We have to wait to collect social security.  And some times we have to wait for our Budget to say it will be ok to spend money. There are all kinds of ways to Budget.  Some like the ‘cash in the envelop’ method. (Do people still use cash?) Some like the ‘Pay Yourself First’ method (my favorite).  The reality is most Americans don’t create a formal budget.  And those that do, don’t stick with it for very long.  It’s a pain to keep track of all those transactions.  And while I’m a big fan ...

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