It’s Time For A Real Leader To Step Up

We have begun to see the litany of new candidates who are throwing their hat in the ring to be President of The United States of America in the election next year.   Each of them have some new spin on how to fix the country and the media is glad to begin digging for dirt on what kind of ugly stuff they did in their past.   The current President is now ready to unveil his ‘new’ plan after three years of really having no plan while he actually spends his time campaigning to build a war chest to outspend any competition that challenges his second term.   Most of sit here today in a state of apathy about American politics not really knowing most of the true information, and just thinking for certain that our elections look more like the television show American Idol than they do hiring a person to lead the greatest nation in the World. I think most ...

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How Can A Business Owner Save Money?

Through the creation of a captive insurance company, businesses can cut their taxes and increase the value of their estate. A business creates a captive insurance company to insure its risk; the captive can issue property and casualty insurance. It can also collect and invest premiums, as well as pay claims. To be sure, the business can also use the captive for pretax wealth accumulation, to protect assets, for efficient estate planning and to retain key employees. The business determines the policy terms, whether to write new or renewable policies and the types of insurance coverage to write. The strategy works best for companies that generate at least $1 million in annual net income, making it viable for physician groups, associations, franchisees and other businesses. For instance, Stan and Joan Smart, 60 and 55, respectively, own ABC manufacturing company. They seek better risk management and estate planning. After meeting with their financial adviser, Stan and Joan decide to retain an ...

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