Should Generation X Redefine What It Means To Be Wealthy?

Now that you have unwrapped all of those Christmas gifts under the tree, did you get everything that you really wanted this holiday season?   Was there one package you had hoped for neatly wrapped in a bow that would have really made you happy?  Of the ten to twenty overall gifts that you were given over the holidays, can you make a list and name three of them?  How about three from last year? While it appears to me that luxury has lost its shine, we’ve become a society that has defined itself by the brand names on our clothes, computers, and the cars we drive.    We are very quick to define what we think about our own wealth by the treasures we buy with our plastic and how our guests will ooh and aah when they take a tour of our homes.    I’m wondering if the pursuit of all of things we see on TV and what we see ...

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