How Can A Ganjapreneur Get Life Insurance?

So, what the heck is a ‘ganjapreneur’ anyway?   If you have nothing great to do for a few hours and want to laugh out loud in a real way besides what you write on a text message, take a gander here http://www.ganjapreneur.com/marijuana-slang/ where you can see just about any marijuana slang you could ever imagine.  Ganja, is classically defined as another widely-accepted name for cannabis. The term ganja is often attributed to Rastafarian culture, but it is in fact the Hindi word for hemp, introduced to Jamaica by Indian indentured servants. Lately, its usage in western society has become incredibly mainstream and, in some cases, grossly over-commercialized.  Thus, the ever increasing ganjapreneur are those that start business in, on, or around the substance known as marijuana. As somebody who deals in life insurance, your first instinct is to tell yourself that nobody who smokes marijuana or even remotely puts it in his or her body is ever going to have ...

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