Five Tips For Ordering Wine When You Dine Out

We’ve all had that dinner where you go out with someone who is truly a wine snob.  Or so they think so.   There are few movie scenes better than watching Paul Giamatti in the movie Sideways as he sits alone in a fast food restaurant drinking his prized 1961 Chateau Cheval Blanc from a disposable coffee cup while he aggressively cuts away at his steak.   Going out to a fancy restaurant can be very intimidating when they wine list is present to you on your lap.   However, you shouldn’t get overly nervous because here are five smart money moves for ordering wine when you dine out. Avoid Ordering By The Glass– Restaurant owners generally try to make back the cost of a bottle of wine from the price of just one glass.  What sucks for you as well is that it’s likely the wine was opened already possibly even from the day before.   The bottom line is that you’ll get ...

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5 Gifts That You Can Regift

Who really knows how long the practice of ‘regifting’ has been going on as a true tradition? Don’t get mad at me for bringing this subject up because I’m not ‘Miss Manners’, and I know you’ve all done it at least once in your lifetime. Regifting became a really popular term after the famous “Label Maker” Seinfeld episode where Jerry and Elaine track down well known suspected regifter Dr. Tim Whatley. Jerry had received the label maker from Dr. Tim after Elaine gave the label maker to Dr. Tim for Christmas. Here are five gifts worth holding on to for a future regift. Wine– For most of us, we won’t be able to tell the difference between a $10 bottle and a $50 bottle. It’s not like you would care anyway whether Wine Spectator gave it 92 points or 72 points. If your wine rack is full or you just aren’t a big drinker then no harm, no foul. Keep ...

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Complete Stain Removal Guide

The Complete Stain Removal Guide. The Basics of Stain Removal... 1. TAKE QUICK ACTION - The sooner a stain is treated the better. Time can “set” stains. Almost any stain can be removed if action is taken quickly enough, however almost any stain will become permanent if left untreated too long. Ideally, all stains should be treated within the first 24 hours. 2. BLOT & SCRAPE – Whenever possible, immediately after the stain occurs, blot up any excess liquid with a paper towel or clean white cloth. Scrape solids from the fabric if the stain is dry. Try to remove as much excess as possible before further stain treatment. ...

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