How to Invest in Facebook With Less Risk (If You Still Want To)

By Ross Kenneth Urken (As Published On – www.dailyfinance.com) Even for expert stock pickers, it’s difficult to make a fully educated investment in the social media sphere. As Friday’s Facebook IPO — and its gory aftermath — proves, any theory one might have is ultimately little better than speculation. After all, the first few trading days following any IPO generally bring a lot of short-term plays with share values jumping up and down — and Facebook was no exception. It’s also difficult to predict — as Groupon likewise demonstrated this year — when a social media stock will tank. However, if you’re still looking to get in on the Facebook action, but want to mitigate your risks, the social media ETF from Global X Funds might be the right choice. A New Breed of ETF Much like a traditional mutual fund, an exchange-traded fund is an investment fund that offers a stake in a pool of investments — stocks, bonds, ...

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The Real Facebook Investing Story: How Advisers and Investors Are Using Social Media

By Ross Kenneth Urken (As Published On – www.dailyfinance.com) Investment adviser Mark Matson’s firm manages more than $3 billion for thousands of investors, and he’s a big believer in coaching those clients in the art of prudent financial planning. But the CEO of Matson Money isn’t doing the majority of that advising to people facing him across a mahogany desk or in a wainscoted boardroom at his Mason, Ohio, offices. He’s spreading his message on Facebook, Twitter and LiveStream. Matson is part of a growing trend, one that may make the age-old gripe that financial advisers aren’t responsive enough a thing of the past: High-net-worth investors are increasingly connecting with their money managers on social media. “Today’s investor is inundated with so many messages from Wall Street pundits and it’s most important for them to understand that prudent investing is rarely the message being offered,” Matson said. “That is why each week I employ social media to explain complex investing ...

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Gas At $5 A Gallon

According to a CNN.Money survey, 78% of American said they figured gasoline would move to an average of $5 per gallon. source That story was released on May 5, 2008 when the average gas price had hit $3.61 in the United States and was on the verge of hitting $4 dollars a gallon. Many Americans quickly found themselves in a quagmire about holding on to their gas guzzling SUV, or thinking about making a change to a more fuel efficient car. In that period of time almost three years ago in the US, we saw a massive purchase of electric vehicles, and the beginning of a conscious change about how Americans viewed their automobile purchases. Now, just a few years later you hardly hear anyone talk about those high priced gas days. American is back to its normal routine having dodged that high priced gas bullet. Not for long, if you want my prediction. If you look at the top ...

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