Don’t Get Social With Your Social Security Number

If someone gets their hands on your social security number, they can wreak havoc on your life by using your social security number illegally and assuming your identity to create numerous financial problems.   When it comes to protecting you against items such as identity theft and tax fraud, keeping your social security number sacred is in my opinion the number one priority for confidentiality within your records. Tax Returns- We have seen this type of theft escalate in droves over the past five years.  Someone who grabs your social security number can file a tax return in your social security number and get your refund before you even file a tax return.  In fact, you won’t even find out until you actually try to file your own return. Getting Credit- Once a thief has your social security number, they can easily complete an application for credit.   Retailers make huge money off of store based credit cards, so this is a ...

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