Do Millennials Face “Money Bullying”?

Have you experienced the same thing at home that I have been experiencing over the past few years.  As you plan out great family vacations, wonderful dinners, and cool birthday activities, you often find conversations about how one of your kid’s friends always seem to be doing something better?  I guess part of this has never really changed.  No matter how cool of a shin dig you end up putting together, there is always someone else who has Johnny one upped you already.  The difference with our kids today is that the vacations, the new clothes purchases, the new cars, and the special events are so much more in your face with Snapchat and Instagram with pictures meaning more than just a few words. In a recent study done by TD Ameritrade, some extremely interesting data came out about Millennials and their comfort level about discussing money.  While 56% of young millennials feel comfortable talking to their parents about money, ...

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