There’s No Short Cuts To Getting Out Of Debt

From time to time a prospective client will come to me with lots of Credit Card debt.  They want to know what they can do to get out of debt?  My answer is always the same.  There are no short cuts. Every time they will ask if they should use one of the debt-settlement companies that you see on TV.  You know the ones that promise financial freedom.  What most of the companies do is convince you to stop making payments to the creditor.  Some have you send the money to them to hold while they try and negotiate with the creditors to take a lump sum for less than what is owed.  On the surface it seems like a good idea.  Why wouldn’t the creditor want to negotiate for something now, rather than writing off the debt completely. But reports from the Center for Responsible Lending and the Federal Trade Commission point out that debt balances increase on average ...

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The Secret Your Cell Phone Carrier Does Not Want You To Know

These days we look to save on our bills where ever we can.  One area to look at is our Cell Phones.  What if I told you that you could save 50%-75% off your bill?  Three of the big carriers, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile all have invested in secret sub-brands to try and attract the consumers who are more price sensitive.  What they do not tell you is they use the same network as their parent company. Sprint has Boost Mobile.  T-Mobile has GoSmartMobile and AT&T has Cricket Wireless.  You use the same towers, get the same service and generally only pay $25-35 per month. So what about those of you on Verizon?  Well they will not tell you outright, but they have a deal with Tracfone.  Verizon does not want anyone knowing they have this sub-brand as they feel it will diminish the Verizon brand.  Tracfone has a service called Total Wireless, which runs on the Verizon 4G network ...

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Don’t Order Catfish On Your Next Date

I do my very best to keep up with all the latest terms and lingo that goes on within pop culture today.  At this point, since the Katie Couric interview, we’ve pretty much all heard about Manti T’eo getting “Catfish’d”.    If you have never heard the term “Catfish” (coined by the documentary “Catfish”, which basically describes an online relationship in which one of the parties involved is pretending to be someone they’re not), join the club, because the term was recently new to my vocabulary.    I suppose most guys in their lifetimes have made up a story or two about some imaginary girlfriend, but could a “Catfish” relationship actually be a money move that can ruin your wallet? First of all, let’s talk about the first date.   In my opinion even though there could be a significant cost savings by having an online first date for free, the cost of going for a cup of coffee or a dinner is ...

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